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We know your need, we achieve your expectations.

● We are absolutely confident in our technology developments

We have strong and loyal technical team in our factory. They are our core as we know the importance of quality.

We have well knowledge in various types of machining and processing control. (We always consider and plan the manufacturing process in advance to

make sure products are of good quality and will not fail at the last minute.

We had designed and developed many equipments and fixtures to ensure our processes to be stable and have best results.

● We know what you want. We advise you any suspicions proactively.

We are communicating in same languages all the time. All our windows to the customers have engineering background. We aim at making effective communication

and reducing misunderstanding. Our communication representatives will also consider and filter your files and requirements during general communication. They will be

able to give feedbacks to you if they feel any suspicions in your design or requirement. Besides, they will instruct the workshop of the precaution areas.

● Management & property security

Everything is under control and record, each procedure is clearly defined and numerically recorded. We will create clear working instructions using photos and instructions;

Regular update and communicate with customer is commanded. We will try our best to reduce misunderstanding and prevent the risk of finding out the problem at the last minute.

All workers need to be well trained before entering the work station.

All Documents are well controlled and registered.

Our computer is locked and only the assigned computer (registered and controlled) can send out files by email or save files to USB.

All documents are controlled and registered. Working documents are recorded and need to be returned to document control after the project has completed.

We know the importance of protecting your intellectual property, we promise to manage every step carefully and seriously.

● Competitive Cost:

We set up in China,

We always explore effective ways in cost control as we know cost is one of the critical factors for your business.

We have huge and superior material supply chain to maintain our material support and stability in cost control,

Our strategy is to build up a long term relationship with our customers instead of just earning money once.

Therefore we believe that our cost is absolutely competitive.

● Quality Control

We believe that quality comes from “DO” and not “CHECK”, therefore as per our strategic----“dedicated in technology development and be careful in process design and definition”, you are ensured to get high quality services from us.

Full set of services includes inspection check list, dimension measurements, functional and pre-assembly test and analysis, drop test, technical advice feedback, etc.

We will do these to make sure the parts leave our factory in good quality.

Apart from that, we do multiple inspections, which means not only the quality staff doing inspection, production and project engineer will also carry out brief inspections themselves when the parts pass to them. This act further reduces any mistakes and defects in production.

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