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RP Services, Rapid Prototype Services in China

PokTech RP Division, are dedicated to provide wide range and superior prototype services (RP Services) such as CNC, SLA, CAD CAM, 3D Scanning, Small Batch and some Additional services such as Sheet Metal Forming and Investment Casting, etc. Our all-round services will help you complete your tasks in most effective ways and reduce your troubles in controlling different sections in one project. (Our strategic for Rapid Prototype is not just provide a good prototype, but also take care customers concerns and help and provide solution for customer to help them complete their project smooth and effectively

Prototypes are the artifacts that are created while prototyping process. Prototyping is an activity and a mindset used to test an idea or concept before giving it a model shape. It can be said that prototypes are basically anything that can communicate, prove or reveal a service concept. They are used as the precursors of a concept. Now prototypes are made in every filed. Machinery items are made these days using CAD designing and other techniques. Before turning into a right model prototypes are made. Let us discuss why?

  • • Early validation of solutions and lower project risks
  • • Early user involvement and enhanced collaboration at with the workforce
  • • Enhances ideation, problem-solving and gives flexibility to think out of the box
  • • Better visualization of the project in future so as to implement the modifications if any

PokTech is a leading prototyping company based in China with an aim of providing premium quality services and products in the field of 2D &3D technology. We have a broad range of manufacturing processes in our store like CNC, SLA, CAD CAM, 3D Scanning, Small Batch and some Additional services such as Sheet Metal Forming and Investment Casting, etc. We also offer to our customers a wide range of materials for the selection.

With the development of technology like CAD and CAM, prototyping emerged as a independent industry which is giving the foundation to many other industries today. According to the manufacture methods the prototype can be divided into two main groups which are Manual Prototype and Numerical Control Prototype.

The numerical prototyping can be further categorized into:

  • a) Rapid Process Prototyping
  • b) CNC prototyping

Rapid Prototyping:

Rapid prototyping is process of speedy creation of a full-scale model of a product. The technology can be used in testing the efficiency of the product, creating the architecture of a new network and in reviewing of a software program by the users before it is launched in the market.

Our rapid prototyping services include quality production under strict scheduling for on-time delivery and professional customer support in multiple languages.

CNC Prototyping:

It is done by CNC machines which require least maintenance and can be operated 24 hours a day. Thus it is cost effective process too. In CNC machines the material required has to be square cut on all sides in regular shape. The approved materials for CNC prototyping are generally Foam, MDF, Wood Shoppe, Solid Wood, Plywood, Acrylic and Aluminum. The advantage of CNC Prototyping is that it delivers accuracy and superior quality in your work. Through this effective prototyping process you can get metals parts that are exactly the grade of metal you need. We recommend CNC process for it being suitable for painting, anodizing, electroplating, coating etc.

Although CNC takes a longer lead time from 4 to7 days, we received positive feedback from our oversea customers. It is also the most famous method to be adopted. With our mature fixture technology developed, CNC is a powerful and attractive technology to make a small batch.

Other types of prototyping are based on material type and other features include:

SLA Prototyping:

Star Prototype is the stereolithography process whereby a laser converts a liquid photopolymer into a solid plastic prototype layers with each layer being slightly different. Then a solid 3D model is produced by joining these layers. We pride ourselves on quality customer service, delivering on-time and offering professional customer support in multiple languages. SLS prototyping is a similar to SLA, but SLS uses a much higher power laser to bond plastic powder together to form a 3D prototype. Our SLA manufactured prototypes find their best applications in following areas of work:

  • • Mainly for review of design concept
  • • As display samples for promotion
  • • After surface treatment, SLA products are extremely attractive

Vacuum Casting:

It is specifically created to produce small series of plastic components of the highest possible quality. Vacuum casting is like a Xerox technique used for the production of small series of functional plastic prototypes. The method uses cast silicone molds. To ensure proper filling of the mould, a wall thickness of at least 0.5mm is necessary. The cost effective technology is preferable for Pre-launch testing, low volume testing and visual models. We recommend vacuum casting services for Wide range of colours/textures in parts produced in broad range of manufacturing materials available. Large castings up to 1900 x 900 x 750 mm can be done with no investment cost required comparing with hard tooling. It is much more cost effective to get hundred pieces comparing with CNC and SLS/SLA method. The ready to use products after vacuum casting face no color peel off problems.


CAD-CAM processes are the most significant development in the field of engineering, design and drafting in all technical spheres. They are most successfully used in prototyping processes by the industries. As the name suggests, CAD- computer aided design, it is used to create 3D display prototypes for a better outlook of the product to be accomplished in future. It gives much more precision in terms of design and finishing. People can get the instant modifications done in just few clicks. You can make the changes any time and any number of times. Serving the aerospace, medical, industrial, consumer, OEM, and other manufacturing sectors, we are constantly striving to set new standards of excellence in every area of rapid manufacturing.

3D scanning:

It is the process of converting the existing product into workable 3D files by scanning. It consumes enough time for modifications to be made in the design and specifications of the product if any.

Small Batch:

This is our specialized service for small scale manufacturing of parts. We employ vacuum casting, CNC and Rapid Cooling techniques in small batch services. Many companies these days hire for small batch processes to get a few parts manufactured only instead of the complete product.

  • CNC (Computer numerical control)

    CNC is a process to machine the parts from block material (cut out the material and remain the feature you need)...

  • SLA

    The technology of SLA is similar to SLS, but the raw material of SLA is liquid comparing with PA (Nylon) in SLS...

  • Vacuum Casting

    Different code of PU materials are available in vaccum casting so that differnet kinds of mechanical properties of ABS...

  • CAD & 3D Scanning

    We can help customers to convert hand sketch design drawings into a workable 3D files by solidwork, UG or Pro/E...

  • Small Betch

    For some specific items related to medical, motor or dental parts, they can reduce their initial investment...

  • Additional Extra Service

    Sometimes you may confuse which supplier to select in the market and wonder which one is reliable. In business...

Metal Prototype and other services:

This process is ideal for the rapid creation of short-run metal parts with a high degree of accuracy, durability and quality. Metal prototype and Aluminum prototype method make in small production usually. We cater services according to the dire needs of the customers. They can customize their processes according to the type of material, texture, cost, time length etc. we provide a list of following services:

  • • Aluminum extrusion
  • • Wire cut
  • • Sheet metal forming
  • • Die casting
  • • Metal Prototype
  • • Aluminum Prototype

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