PokTech RP, is an individual section under Poktech Limited which dedicated to rapid prototyping business.

Wide ranges of materials including Magnesium alloy, Aluminum, engineer grade plastics, etc are available. Fine details and accuracy are our aim and strength.......(We are a leading prototyping company in China)

We have strong and loyal technical team in our factory. They are our core as we know the importance of quality.

We have well knowledge in various types of machining and processing control. (We always consider and plan the manufacturing process in advance to......(Prototype China or China Prototyping with Hong Kong managerment is trend nowaday, we not just can provide low cost services, but also stable and high quality Prototype / Prototyping

PokTech RP Division, are dedicated to provide wide range and superior prototype services such as CNC, SLA, CAD CAM, 3D Scanning, Small Batch and some Additional services such as Sheet Metal Forming and Investment Casting, etc. Our all-round services will help you complete your tasks in most effective ways and reduce your troubles in controlling ......(We have confidence you must satisfy our prototyping services.

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