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Characteristics for each service
Finishsing level of each material
Surface finishing

We are one of the leading providers of prototyping services in China with an aim of giving innovative solutions to our customers so that they can make the best product design for their industry. Ours is a team of learned engineers and designers along with world class concept developers who will give you the best prototyping services most suitable for your products.

The motto of our company is to supply affordable quality prototypes, which contain the functionality of production intent. Our business model is based upon providing cost effective solution to our customers, which allows us to deliver technically superior solutions at lower cost. We deliver the best services in various segments of the industry like aerospace, medical, electrical engineering, automobiles, etc.

Depending on your part requirements, Poktech will use the process that best emphasizes the characteristics that you need. You can hire us for the prototype parts of the same design with several variations or duplicates of the same part.

What makes the different prototyping service distinct?

We offer different types of prototyping services which are described as under in terms of their specifications, requirement, efficiency, cost, production time and other factors.

Features of SLA Process:

SLA process is very accurate and suitable for smooth surface finished parts. These parts are widely used for conceptual designs, Product verification, Pattern making, Form/Fit analysis and light functional testing. It is best suited for extra tolerance in products and finds best applications in making patterns (master models) for vacuum casting process, for conceptual and presentation models. It is often used for fine detail parts like jewellery items.

The build size for SLA prototypes is 350 x 300 x 300. To make further larger parts, the small sections can be joined together. It normally takes two to three days to complete the prototype. These products are ideal as they are smooth in their finish and are easy to paint. They can be manufactured in multiple pieces along with complicated features of design and construction which makes them cost effective among the users.

Features of CNC Process:

Much of modern day machining is carried out by Computer Numerical Control (CNC), in which computers are used to control the movement and operation of the mills, lathes, and other cutting machines. Prototyping using CNC machines is widely used by the customers for better results in the industry processes. These are used as functional prototypes with high mechanical and thermal resistance. In this process, the parts of the prototypes are directly machined out of engineering grade plastics, ferrous or non-ferrous materials. The process is best applicable for accurate and highly finished parts. The customers hire this technique mostly for small to medium size batch production.

The build size of the prototypes is 800 x 500 x 250. If you want bigger parts to be manufactured, the small sections could be glued effectively. It takes about five to seven days which is little more than needed for SLA to complete the project. The thickness should be around 0.05 to 0.15 mm. it is available in both solid colors as well as transparent. The best thing is that these prototypes can be painted easily, anodized or electroplating can also be done.

Vacuum Casting:

This process is widely used in rapid prototyping industry, typically used for making 20 to 40 pieces of functional prototypes. The process starts with creation of an accurate and highly finished master model which can be created using various RP techniques like SLA, FDM, SLS, CNC etc. For producing small quantity of functional parts in a short lead time this is the best method adopted by the industry. Materials from soft rubber to hard plastics can be used in this process giving options for large range of colors and texture finish to the product. The build size is 100 x 800 x 400 and thickness ranges from 0.1 to 0.15 mm. it comparatively takes the longest time in product finishing which is around six to seven days. Self-coloring is available in these products. Generally single mould can make 15 parts so multiple of 15 parts can give you better pricing to recover the silicon mould cost.

When it comes to the finishing level of these prototypes for different metal prototyping processes the color, texture, transparency etc. is considered. The finishing level is different for different materials like plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, resins and PU. The finishing level 1 indicates a blurry surface while the level 4 indicates for transparent surface, but not exactly like glass. The detailed description of various levels is as follows:

  • • Level 1 : It indicates removed cutting marks and no paint.
  • • Level 2 : It indicates basic grey matt finishing.
  • • Level 3 : The smooth dressing along with primer and top coating gives it a textured gloss finishing with specific color.
  • • Level 4 : Textured matt finishing with specified coloring.
  • • Level 5 : High gloss finishing giving it a glass like transparent surface.
  • • Level 6 : Water transfer coating or painting giving it a wooden or carbon fiber like texture at the surface.
  • • Level 7 : Any colorization can be achieved here by electroplating and anodizing rendering a smooth surface finishing.

Metallic Plating is a kind of surface finish to protect the metal surface from rust. It creates a good appearance and makes plastic parts look like metal parts. We can offer plating on ABS, PMMA, NYLON, PC, Steel, Zinc, etc.

Anodizing is as special kind of surface finish we can offer for aluminum parts to protect surface.

We also provide electroplating services for much enhanced quality and smooth surface finishing. Its durability is longer too.

Materials used in vacuum casting include: Transparent PU, Soft plastic PU, ABS PU, PP/PE PU, Polycarbonate PU.

For more details on our processes and to know how we make the best products and services for you, contact us at 76983569578. If you have any query regarding any types of prototyping process in terms of cost and other specifications you can write to us at info@poktech.com