CNC (Computer numerical control)

CNC is a process to machine the parts from block material (cut out the material and remain the feature you need).

Block material used in CNC is the actual material same as that used in production. There is wide range of materials for selection.

It can be aluminum, stainless steel, general plastic and even the engineer grade plastic;

One of the advantages of CNC process is that it produces metal parts that are exactly the grade of metal you need.

You can use that CNC prototype to carry out tests or inspections. Also, it is suitable as market products.

It is superior and has better mechanical properties than other technologies.

1) CNC is suitable for large components;

2) Cost effective;

3) Suitable for surface treatments such as painting, anodizing, electroplating and coating, etc.

Although CNC takes a longer lead time from 4 to7 days, it got fantastic feedback from our oversea customer. It is also the most famous method to be adopted.

With our mature fixture technology developed, CNC is a powerful and attractive technology to make a small batch. It is accurate, stable plus cost effective.

(CNC has benefits of metal applicable, cost effective, prominent mechanical properties)